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News Analytics

is big data technology application that gathers data from online news articles

News Analytics designed to provide an analysis of information quickly and accurately.

Media Monitoring uses a machine learning method and natural language processing algorithms to discover valuable information from the data in real time

News Analytic Benefits

Real Time
The process of obtaining information from a certain news source in real time has become one of the basic needs in the process of making decision. Being able to process that information quickly enables you to anticipate futures steps. News Analytics analyzes data in real time with the purpose of helping you make precise business decisions quickly.
All Content
The substance in certain online news cannot only be seen form the headline. A comprehensive analysis of the whole context must be done to ensure the audience gets a complete understanding.News Analytics analyzes the whole content of the news article to obtain a much well-rounded information.
Natural Language Processing
NLP enables understanding, interaction and communication between human and machine automatically. News Analytics utilizes NLP to discovery meanings in news articles to automatically see sentiments behind the in real time, so that it can be help you make better decisions.