Salient is an excellent design with a fresh approach for the ever-changing Web. Integrated with Gantry 5, it is infinitely customizable, incredibly powerful, and remarkably simple.


The Application help to monitor multiple sources of data

The more sources of data used in the process of analysis the more complete the information that your receive. Soneatics utilizes multiple source of data from the Internet such as Twitter , Facebook , Instagram, Youtube, online forums, blogs and news articles in its processes. We have been fortunate enough to partner up with the team at Twitter to get full access to the data so you can get more than enough information needed in the analysis process.

Genetics extremely fast query performance and visualization of geospatial data

Genetics use geospatial technology and big data to analyze and manipulate data by selected area and rendering of complex shapes on a map. Genetics can import and display millions of lines or polygons on a geo chart with minimal lag time. Big data technology used to processing and analyzing large data then give the fast result.

News Analytics designed to provide an analysis of information quickly and accurately.

Media Monitoring uses a machine learning method and natural language processing algorithms to discover valuable information from the data in real time

delivers the most completed but easy to read reports through Network Elements in many ways

Moreto monitors the performance of multiple network elements, collects statistics and provides detailed reports including occupancy, performance, utilization, availability, and Quality of Service (QoS). Moreto delivers the most completed but easy to read reports through Network Elements in many ways (i.e.: CDR, Logs, and SNMP). Easy Reporting will enable user to set how the reports will be served. These features provide user with better analysis for problem solving of troubleshooting as well as network design and planning.

Transform Your Data Into Greater Revenue

Bigjava unlocks the value of your company’s data, uncovers the hidden patterns, and discovers insights from large amounts of data. We provide the infrastructure you need to help you identify new opportunities for your business that leads you to greater revenue.

Bigjava is providing network utilization, optimization, monitoring solutions, and business continuity for Telecommunication and IT Enterprise industries.
Bigjava specializes in the sector of IP Networks and Next Generation Networks (NGN) development by using Very Deep Packet Inspection technologies (VDPI).

Bigjava delivers Very Deep Packet Inspection (VDPI) Platforms, Services, and Applications for global networks. Bigjava provides customized development for specified customer's requirements to fulfill the existing network environment.

Bigjava has its headquarter in Jakarta, Indonesia with offices in Hong Kong and USA. Bigjava is privately owned company with inspiration of Green, Smart, and Fun culture. Bigjava helps the business using our technology to grow together.